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Yaniv Amar collaborating with the artist Limor Tamir

The work took place in an abandoned historical building in Ramat- Gan Israel. The place was a weapon depot by the Hagannah (the pre-State Israeli defense organization- 1939) and as an iron foundry ("Krashin Shalev Industries"- 1950-1987) that produced the "Davidka" mortars. The place became a capsule of time, empty and broken but so vivid. Heavy machines and oil became the place structure, pages of information "top secret" remains behind our identity and a concrete floor coverd with the leyer of the years is now a rooth of a giant tree. 

The work deals with the memory of site and dialogue between the artist and the space, between permission and agreement and taking by force and deceit. Large areas were flooded with white liquid refers to "milk and semen", men and women. In every war and occupation there is some kind of invasion, physical, psychological, territorial. Invasion of a land, of a place, of a body or of a life to come. wolking by to the forrbidden places jus to feed my curiositty and to find my lost identitty.

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