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Foreign citizen- 2017 

Ministry of Finance first prize

Artist Participate: Yaniv Amar, Limor Tamir,Tom Marcus, Hadar Azarya, Amnon Ben-Shalom, Maayan Kra'im.

"Foreign citizen" 

Curator: Yaniv Amar


The installation "foreign citizenship" is a moment of living in an imaginary place. The guest is the master of the house, the land lord, and his imagination and creation will guide him, his curiosity will prove itself against an amusing tremor of disorientation. The exhibition covers an area of 1500 square meter, between four different buildings from different times in history. The exhibition took the first place in the "awake" competition of the Planning Director and the Ministry of Finance, provides half answers to half questions and revolves around the tail of orientation and taking control of the space in a deep attempt to create a home alongside a dream for a community. And when the city or the space renews their faces, then where is our temporary identity? In a written history with no scientific basis.

I am the storytellers, the writer of course, I renew the face of my city and the one to shape its identity.

The project is a large village of a temporary city on the busiest junction in the country. Beyond a heavy wooden gate over the central station of the new underground train there is a world of houses and greenhouses, English gardens that became forests with children's hoses on the trees, endless rouds and libraries of stories that will never be told.

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