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Yaniv Amar- Contemporary Artist

The urban space gives the first pulsation to curiosity. I express my curiosity in the same space, trying to explain, not always accurately, our historical essence as a society, and later as a creator in this society. The work is the life of the artist, in totality and aggressiveness in which I dances to drown. From the place and the reality I act out of strength and pain, out of the endless friction in everything that exists. Really a local lack of definition I try to create and understand who we are within this whole crowd?


I discuss, write, argue, and collaborate on the creation of complex installations in abandoned and run-down locations. I'm trying to address the histories of the specific locations that I choose, while inserting into my work a wide range of social, environmental, philosophical, religious, communication related issues.

Life and art have no boundaries. I am a total and committed for my chosen medium of site specific projects, open spaces whom telling a story. For me, it is not enough to see art on a nice white wall, it is not enough to destroy a place before renovation without taking a minute to understand where you're standing, and it is not enough to talk without thinking before and acting right after. My need and my purpose is to take the viewer inside the world of questions and answers that I create. I aim to stimulate and irritate the senses of each eye and each body.


Yaniv Amar Born in 1987 in Nice, France, lives and works in Tel- Aviv.  B.F.A. from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Art Department, 2015.

The main of his artistic work is searching a local identity, a belonging to a place, in an attempt to count steps on the ground that is the raw material with which he works. Alongside art or as an integral part of it, Yaniv is involved in and works in many fields, such as agriculture, education, wildlife care (zoo keeper) and more.

"An artist can't exist only from his art, and any work he will performs on his life will become, in time, an integral part of his art".

Yaniv has participated in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, winning prizes and competitions. His activities are evident in a variety of collaborations with many artists and creators, most notably Limor Tamir, who exhibited large-scale works in unconventional spaces.

As part of the exhibitions he participated in: The Israel Museum- Ticho house Jerusalem, the Ministry of Culture, the Red House Gallery TLV, Art Space Gallery TLV, HFBK Hamburg Germany, Kito Ecuador, the OECD Paris and more.

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