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After The War- 2018

After the war there is nothing left. There is only a trampled culture and an unsettled identity. After the war there is a big destruction, but no one remains to collect the pieces.

They always say: “we send our best boys to the war”, but here we send our best girls too, and our children's are late to be born.

After the war we take what we find, and try to build a new culture, Functional culture, made for basic needs such as: kill, eat, adorn.

The work took place at "Art Space Gallery- Tel Aviv Jaffa" with the curators Nir Harmat & Daniel- Tzadka- Cohen. "After the war" is a work without a defined space, a wandering work, like the war, seeking the limits of culture, perhaps a dangerous, poetic doubt. This is work without gender, like the wars in our time, women and men in one body, one very fragile body.

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